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Broke Fordwich, Hunter Valley Wine Country

The scenic Broke Fordwich?stretch of the Wollombi Brook has quietly developed into a quality wine tourism region where visitors can enjoy?premium wines,?fresh?olive oils and innovative farm gate products, wonderful restaurants and cafes, luxury Hunter Valley accommodation, local wine tours, and most importantly, a tranquil rural experience which is far removed from the hustle and bustle.

Situated in a wide section of the valley, the surrounding hills frame some of the best scenery in the area with the striking Brokenback Mountain Range and iconic Yellow Rock providing an impressive backdrop.? The natural beauty of the region coupled with the great food, relaxed accommodation, skill and dedication of the locals has seen many couples choose Broke as the ideal place for their Hunter Valley wedding.

Hunter Valley Concerts

The Hunter Valley famously hosts international performers at major outdoor concerts each spring, summer and autumn. Broke Fordwich is the ideal base with a shuttle bus service available for concertgoers with Rover Coaches. Book your seats online!
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